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Electrical Fault Finding and Repairs

Our electrical fault finding and repairs carefully diagnose and troubleshoot electrical issues on your boat. Whether it’s identifying faulty wiring, malfunctioning components, or power supply problems, our team will get you back out on the water.

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Corrosion/stray Current Testing and Permanent Solutions

Our corrosion/stray current testing identifies and resolves electrical faults caused by corrosion and stray currents, which can lead to equipment damage and potential hazards. We offer permanent solutions, such as corrosion-resistant materials and proper grounding.

Alternators and Charging Systems

We optimise alternators and charging systems for reliable power generation and efficient battery charging to minimise the risk of power-related issues on the water.

Battery Testing and Replacement

Our battery testing and replacement includes comprehensive testing, assessment and replacement of weak or faulty batteries. Optimised batteries maximise the lifespan of your electrical systems.

VHF Radio Checks

VHF Radio checks ensure proper functioning for reliable communication and safety at sea.

Antenna or Radio Replacement

Antenna or radio replacement ensures improved signal strength, clearer reception for reliable, safe and efficient communication.

Complete SWR Test

Complete SWR (Standing Wave Ratio) testing optimises antenna performance, maximises signal transmission, improves range, clarity, and reliability, ensuring reliable connectivity.

Power Supply Upgrade

A power supply upgrade ensures consistent power for all onboard appliances and systems without limitations or issues.

Certified Professional

Get your vessel up to standard with a certified and registered marine electrician and authorised Garmin dealer and installer.

Extensive Experience

With 13 years in the marine industry and extensive connections with leading suppliers, you can expect the best service.

Speed and Efficiency

Our deep understanding of marine systems allows us to find solutions quickly and accurately.

Quality Assurance

We offer high-quality components and services that exceed industry standards.

Latest Technology

Our up-to-date knowledge of best practices and the latest sophisticated technologies ensures you get reliable solutions.