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Garmin Electronics Installation and Repair

As an authorised Garmin dealer in partnership with Buckland Marine, we offer seamless integration of navigation and communication systems with training by request.

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How we can help

Complete Upgrade

A complete Garmin upgrade enhances navigational precision, improves communication, and provides access to advanced features and technologies.

Autopilot Installation and Repair

Garmin autopilot reduces the captain’s workload and enhances overall navigation capabilities, ensuring a more enjoyable boating experience.

Software Upgrades

Garmin software upgrades provide the latest features and improvements, plus compatibility with new technologies.

Certified Professional

Get your vessel up to standard with a certified and registered marine electrician and authorised Garmin dealer and installer.

Extensive Experience

With 13 years in the marine industry and extensive connections with leading suppliers, you can expect the best service.

Speed and Efficiency

Our deep understanding of marine systems allows us to find solutions quickly and accurately.

Quality Assurance

We offer high-quality components and services that exceed industry standards.

Latest Technology

Our up-to-date knowledge of best practices and the latest sophisticated technologies ensures you get reliable solutions.