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Vessel Refit

Our vessel refit offers upgraded electrical systems that enhance safety, energy efficiency, and overall functionality.

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Complete Rewire

A complete rewire for the entire electrical wiring system ensures optimal safety and efficiency on board.

Partial Rewire

A partial rewire selectively upgrades electrical wiring in specific areas to enhance the vessel’s performance while maintaining cost-effectiveness.

Digital Switching

Digital switching replaces mechanical switches to streamline system management and troubleshooting centrally or remotely via smartphone.

LED Lighting Conversion

LED lighting conversion replaces traditional fixtures with energy-efficient LEDs, for brighter illumination, extended lifespan, increased safety and reduced power consumption.

AC/DC Switchboard Upgrade

An AC/DC switchboard upgrade ensures a versatile power distribution system for improved functionality, performance and safety.

Certified Professional

Get your vessel up to standard with a certified and registered marine electrician and authorised Garmin dealer and installer.

Extensive Experience

With 13 years in the marine industry and extensive connections with leading suppliers, you can expect the best service.

Speed and Efficiency

Our deep understanding of marine systems allows us to find solutions quickly and accurately.

Quality Assurance

We offer high-quality components and services that exceed industry standards.

Latest Technology

Our up-to-date knowledge of best practices and the latest sophisticated technologies ensures you get reliable solutions.